Degrees for Divine Mothers

The new US report found that the number of births among girls and women age 15 to 44 registered in the United States last year was just under 3.8 million, down 2% from 2017 and marking the fourth year that the number of births has declined since 2014.

One reason is that more ladies than ever are enrolling in post-graduate degree programs.  They are focusing on studies during their most fertile years.  Many graduate with huge student loans that must be repaid.  So they get a job to pay for the student loan.   The biological clock ticks on.  Sadly, they may be over 40 by the time they are ready.  If they can bear children, there is a high probability of birth defects. 

MOM University provides an incentive to give birth to children during a lady's safest and strongest years.  This helps increase the population of healthy, high IQ babies who grow up to be productive members of society.

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